Company Story

R. Sanchez Construction is the backbone of the St. Ignatius Realty and Development Corporation. Rogelio C. Sanchez, being in the business of construction since 1970s, started his bold pursuit of building houses under his own name. As the Sanchez family grew, so did the desire of building homes for everyone – a place where you can create a life for yourself and the ones who matter the most. This comes through an understanding of not just the design nor on the construction methods, but in knowing what it is like to live inside a space that defines your life – your activities, your lifestyle. And the we have years of experience in building that.

St. Ignatius Realty & Development was finally formed May 2009, with a bigger dream in mind – to build and create a place where you can build and create yourself and your community. The company carries the name of the beloved St. Ignatius with his values of Magis -”for the greater glory of God.” Have more pages and spaces to fill up, to create our story as a family business.

The Reason for the Existence of Our Corporation

As a family business, we exist to create safe spaces, both the tangible and intangible, for people to actively build their lives and create their own communities.

The Business We Are In

We listen to our clients’ needs and are committed to deliver these needs by creating, developing and building spaces for the whole family.

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